DBA UK Committee calls the willing and able

At Conference 2012 we will be holding the DBA UK AGM at which the committee elections are held.

DBA UK is always on the look-out for willing and able people to help run the charity.


Candidates are particularly welcome if they have particular appropriate skills such as:

  • Management
  • Finance
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing (strategy)
  • Marketing (digital media)

In particular I know that we need to fill Alan’s big Treasurer shoes as he steps down this year to pursue other demands on his time.

I am delighted to say that some potential good candidates have already come forward. I am discussing with them to help them decide on what’s right for the charity and right for them. Anyone can stand for the committee if they give more than 14 days notice before the AGM, the formal notice of which will be out soon.

At last year’s conference I announced that I would be standing down as chairman this year, hoping to find election on the committee in another role to see someone else take the chair. I believe rotation within and without the committee is essential for a properly functioning charity. However, I am as yet unaware of anyone being willing to stand as chairman, so have informed the rest of the committee that I would be willing to work another year in the role if nobody else steps forward.

If you would be willing to discuss this matter with me I’d be delighted to hear from you.


DBA UK Chairman.

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