The Giving Machine

DBA UK is pleased to announce we are now on The Giving Machine! The Giving Machine is a not for profit online fund-raising website that enables online shoppers to give cash donations to any and all UK schools & charities, for free.

How is it free?

When you buy online via The Giving Machine, a sales commission is received from the participating shop. 75% of this is converted into a donation on your behalf and sent to your chosen beneficiary(s). 25% is retained to contribute to costs of maintaining the website and distributing donations.

You are buying the same products, at the same price, on the same shopping websites as if you went direct but the difference is; by shopping via The Giving Machine you generate free cash donations at no extra cost to you personally.

To use this fantastic way to donate to DBA UK at no cost to yourself, you will need to go to the main website at this link to make an account (you can log in with Facebook too).

Once you’ve created an account, find DBA UK at this link to add us to your fund raising beneficiaries, then simply use The Giving Machine to go to the websites of shops you would normally use and they will begin donating to DBA UK.

You can also download a toolbar for your internet browser to make it easier to get to shops via The Giving Machine, which can be found here.

Share this amongst your friends to get as many people using it as possible, and if you have any questions drop the DBA UK Secretary an email.

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