NHS Blood and Transplant

A couple of weeks ago I attended the NHS Blood and Transplant Annual Review conference at The Royal College of Anaesthetists in London. This was for the morning portion of the event, which included a presentation from NHSBT about their performance in the past year as well as improvements to work on in the coming years.

There were some interesting snippets of information during the presentation, such as the price of a unit of blood, which NHSBT has been working to reduce from £140 to £125 per unit over the past year. They have also been working on collecting more cord blood for use in transplants and have just opened a sixth Cord Blood Collection centre in University College Hospital, London. Additionally, increased donor satisfaction is very important to them, as those who have a positive experience of giving blood are much more likely to do it again and their figures reflect this.

Full details from the Annual Review can be found in this pdf file, definitely an interesting read from a DBA perspective.

There was also opportunity after the Review for networking, where I met with the Lead Donor Relations Manager and we discussed the possibility of working with them for DBA patients to tell their story to NHSBT for use in campaigns to increase blood donations. After all, many people who give blood, don’t get to see the positive effects it has, especially for those with DBA who need it so critically on a regular basis.


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