DBA UK Family Weekend 2013!

A huge thank you to everyone who came along to PGL Caythorpe for the 13th annual DBA UK Family Weekend and made it our highest attended so far! We had nearly 170 people join us for some fantastic talks, activities and opportunities to chat to each other.

The weather was against us again this year, but it actually worked out quite well because we were more concentrated in the courthouse giving people a better chance to chat and also take part in the usual raffle organised by June Kynoch. Jayson seemed to take quite well to the pub landlord role afforded by our situation!

The children got to take part in some great activities around PGL and also a craft session run by Leigh Bowser from The Blood Bag Project. Please see the Blood Bag Project’s Facebook page for more information about the project and also to see the Blood Bags made by the children over the weekend.

A variety of photos from across the whole Family Weekend can also be found on Facebook.

Available below are all of the talks that took place over the weekend in case anyone needs a second chance to absorb a great wealth of information, please bear in mind these presentation are given ‘as is’ and as such no explicit medical information should be read into them without the context provided by the speaker from the weekend, all are in powerpoint format (.ppt) –

Hormonal and Fertility issues caused by Transfusion – Dr Scott Akker

The Blood Bag Project – Leigh Bowser

DBA – A Nutritional point of view – Diana Wright

Common Assessment Framework – Wendy Wooler

Fishing for answers to DBA – Dr Beth Payne

What is DBA? – Dr Josu De La Fuente

Introduction to DBA Italy – Carlo Rota

Research in DBA – Dr Josu De La Fuente

We had some good feedback this year, particularly about a strong range of speakers, the feedback summary can be seen here as a pdf.

Also as per the AGM for DBA UK, a new committee was elected, the members of which can be seen here. The minutes for the 2013 (and previous) AGM can be seen here.

If you would like to contact DBA UK regarding the Family Weekend or anything else to do with the charity you can email Leisa Batkin (Chair), Pete Redmond (Treasurer) or Kieran Teasdale (Secretary).

We can’t wait to see you all next year for DBA UK’s 15th anniversary and are always happy to hear suggestions as to how we can improve, so please feel free to contact us at any time.

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