Gimme 5 Campaign!

At the recent DBA UK family conference, we highlighted a number of fundraising initiatives and it’s almost time to kick off the first one!…….GIMME 5!

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of DBA UK, we are asking all DBA facebook users to change their profile picture for a period of 1 week,  from the 18th July to 24th July inclusive. Please encourage as many friends and relatives to do the same, as well as donating funds via text for critical research.

The profile picture can be copied from here, DBA UK will also set it as our Facebook and Twitter profile picture so you can copy it from there too:



We are hoping to raise a total of GBP 5,000 via the GIMME 5 campaign. This represents 4 weeks research into finding a cure; every penny counts!

Many thanks for your continued support!

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