2017 DBA UK Family Weekend Online Booking Form

Our Annual DBA Family Weekend is a significant cost to our charity at approximately £25,000 per year. Whilst we ask no charge of the DBA patient and immediate family, we do ask that if possible you offer some donation towards the cost of almost £160 per person. We leave this to your discretion but I’m sure you’re aware that every penny makes a difference to us as our only income is from fundraising and donations. We allow up to 2 additional attendees to join your immediate family group, such as grand parents who are coming to offer child/siblings care whilst parents can concentrate on the talks without distraction. Based on previous years spaces will be limited so we please ask that your additional attendees have a justifiable reason for attending the weekend or a charge of £100 per person may be asked to cover some of our costs. In the event of over subscription, priority will be given to patients and immediate families. If you have any queries about this please contact Pete at treasurer@diamondblackfan.org.uk or message him on Facebook.

Booking Name
Phone Number
Email address
DBA Connection
Any special requests or comments?(Accommodation/Dietary etc.)
Name of DBA Patient
Age (if under 18)
Parent / Adult 1
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Sibling 1
Age (if under 18)
Sibling 2
Age (if under 18)
Sibling 3
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Sibling 4
Age (if under 18)
Additional attendee 1 
Relation to DBA patient
Additional attendee 2
Relation to DBA patient
Photographs are often taken during the weekend, which may subsequently be used on our DBA UK website and social feeds, if you would rather your child was NOT used in any published photographs, please tick this box. I do not give my permission

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