Mapping Our DBA UK Family

Having a child or yourself diagnosed with DBA can be incredibly daunting, and as part of the support the charity offers, we can arrange for you to get in touch with others in a similar situation.

The key annual event for this is the DBA UK Family Weekend held in May each year, where we get together as many DBA patients and families as we can from across the country, to share our collective experience as well as learn from medical professionals and researchers.

An extension of this support is our Google Map of DBA UK Patients, which only displays information at a basic level, the surname for families or the first name for adult patients (or the DBA UK Committee members!) and the general area in which they live, to give you a rough idea of who may be near you.

You can then contact DBA UK at to see if those near you may wish to get in contact.

If you would like to appear on the map yourself, please contact the DBA UK Secretary at

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