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Diamond Blackfan Anaemia (DBA) Genetic Testing

DBA UK works closely with top medical professionals around the world and especially in the UK.

We keep in touch with the latest research developments to keep DBA UK members informed.

DBA UK has in the past funded research, and on an ongoing basis, we continue to look for appropriate funding opportunities. In particular, we hope in the near future to support more research on the mechanism by which steroids help some DBA patients, and to support an updated UK DBA registry.

A good summary of recent published DBA research can be found on the DBAF website.

A good place to start searching the internet (including PubMed) for research articles is and type in “Diamond Blackfan Anaemia” into the search box.

Find out the latest news on DBA Research by looking at the posts on Research and Medical.

Are you a health professional who wants to help us? We have small pots of funding that you can apply for. Our grants are awarded after peer review by our ambassadors and subject to strict criteria.

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Care Pathway

DBA Care Pathway (pdf)
Please note –  This is not yet medically published and as such you are under no obligation to follow it, but it has been developed by Dr. Josu De La Fuente.