Congenital abnormalities

Around half of patients with DBA also have some congenital abnormality: an abnormality which is present from birth in addition to the lack of red blood cell production. The exact cause for this is unknown. The most common anomalies involve the head and face, arms and hands, heart, and genitourinary tract (including the kidneys, urinary tract, and genital organs). Cases vary with most being not life-threatening but they can be severe.

For further information a full guide on Congenital Abnormalities prepared by the CDC (a US organisation) is available.

DBA UK is not a medical charity and is not qualified to give medical advice on DBA. Please talk with your doctor or health care provider if you are worried about congenital abnormalities. However, if you would like to talk to other DBA patients and families who may have been in the same position as you then please contact us.


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