Corticosteroid treatment

In many cases corticosteroids (often a drug called Prednisolone) can help the red cell production in DBA patients, though even when effective there can be adverse side-effects to treatment in both the short and long term, especially at higher doses. Often treatment starts with a high dose to trigger a response with this dose then being reduced to see if the response can be maintained. So, even for patients where there is an initial response it may not be possible to continue long term treatment.

Some DBA patients show no response at all. It is not clear why some patients respond to corticosteroids and some do not. Some patients do continue on long term steroid treatment without the need for blood transfusions as determined by their consultant in their individual case.

For further information a full guide on Steroid Treatment in DBA prepared by the CDC (a US organisation) is available.

DBA UK is not a medical charity and is not qualified to give medical advice on DBA. Please talk with your doctor or health care provider if you are worried about corticosteroid treatment. However, if you would like to talk to other DBA patients and families who may have been in the same position as you then please contact us.


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