Please find below a section of downloadable materials for information and help fundraising for DBA UK. If you need the software to open pdf files, you can find it on the Adobe Website. If you have any questions about any of our downloads, please contact us.

COVID-19 Update for Patients with Diamond Blackfan Anaemia Wednesday 4th November 2020

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 Haemoglobinopathy HCCs advice on risk assessment COVID-19 28.08.20

HBP HCCs COVID update 19.10.20 v2.docx

DBA UK Information Leaflet (pdf)
Print off and distribute as you need, if you require larger batches of leaflets for events, please email DBA UK.

DBA Care Pathway (pdf)
Please note –  This is not yet medically published and as such your consultant is under no obligation to follow it, but we do suggest you print off a copy and take it to them to make them aware of it.

DBA UK Sponsor Form (pdf)
Print off as required for fundraising events for DBA UK. Let us know if you need further support, we can supply branded DBA UK merchandise and t-shirts to help your event stand out!

Corporate Sponsorship Letter

DBA UK Corporate Request Letter (word doc)
To be used for requesting help from businesses and companies local to you. Edit the sections in red to be appropriate to yourself and alter the text to black before printing/sending.

DBA UK My Genetic Passport (pdf)
To be used to record your genetic mutation if known, or to note which genes have been tested.

2nd Opinion Letter

DBA UK 2nd Opinion Letter (pdf)
To be used when asking for a second opinion.