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Blackfan Anaemia

DBAS Annual Conference

Uniting our Key Stakeholders

Our annual conference facilitates collaboration, research, fundraising, support, and so much more...

Bringing Families, Researchers and Medical Professionals Together

DBAS UK holds an annual conference for all DBAS families in the UK. The weekend provides respite and mutual support for patients and brings parents and carers together with medical professionals to improve their access to information and aid the consistency and quality of care across the country.

We hold the event at a PGL activity centre, where patients with DBAS can meet and gain confidence and reassurance from sharing their experiences, away from the daily grind of their treatment routine.

Thanks to your support, we will treat them to a weekend of adventure in a happy and inclusive camp atmosphere.

What Happens at The Conference?

During the conference patients and families can attend group discussions and 1-2-1 sessions with leading clinicians to explore DBAS and gain a vital understanding of their children’s condition and how they can improve their quality of life.

The annual DBAS UK conference empowers parents with the knowledge of best practices from specialist consultants and experienced families enabling them to improve the care they receive.

Parents are able to take away vital information on equipment choices, nutrition programs, tips for dealing with medications and updates on future developments in DBAS care, all of which are otherwise unavailable to them.

Next Steps

If you are a DBAS Patient, Family Member, Researcher or Medical Professional and would like to attend:

Contact DBAS UK to find our more, or Call the DBAS UK Support Line on 0845 094 1548

Please Note: We are not medical professionals and will not give medical advice.