The Diamond Blackfan Anaemia Charity

Diamond Blackfan Anaemia (DBA) is a rare bone marrow failure disorder, usually diagnosed before 12 months of age. DBA patients fail to produce red blood cells properly and may need treatment ranging from monthly blood transfusions to regular steroid treatment, and in some cases bone marrow transplant.

At DBA UK we aim to deliver support, research and hope to the DBA community in the UK by bringing families together, communicating the latest medical information and funding research into causes and cures.

DBA UK Adult Patient Meeting October 2014! A meeting designed especially for adult DBA patients, the November 2014 meeting went well and included some interesting talks from medical experts.

DBA UK Family Weekend May 2015! Our 15th annual Family Weekend was a great mix of talks, family time and activities!

The Giving Machine; DBA UK has joined The Giving Machine! Use this website to do your normal online shopping and The Giving Machine will donate a percentage to DBA UK at no extra cost to you.

Donating to DBA UK can make a real difference. DBA UK aims to make life with DBA better.

What do this tropical fish and DBA research have in common?

Can your company help DBA UK? DBA UK is keen to hear from your company regarding corporate sponsorship.

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